Reflections Design
Residential Plan Designs
by Christopher Reilly
Complete Landscape and Pool Plan Designs
Permit Ready   Call 916-521-9472    Preliminary Design has a start-up cost.  
When you hire Reflections Design you receive professional results.
3-D plan views are available
Plan Prices for Pool Design depend on project complexity
Pool Structural Steel Schedule with Calculations is addtl. cost.

Ask about Referalls to C-53 Licensed Pool Builders and
Craftsmen.    Professional and Owner Project Assistance.
Basic Project Cost Estimate ideas.

Your Landscape Design can be shown as
Three-Dimensional and/or Two Dimensional
working residential plans.    

You may have a budgeted amount in mind for your
project , and we will work hard to attempt to bring
it together for you along with a fair contract price.

Some plans require further development of elements,
and may require survey or engineering consultation,
Certain outdoor structures such as Patio Covers,
Pergolas, Arbors, Decks, and possibly fireplaces
may need building permits.  
Note: Certain types of outdoor kitchens, and Bar-B-Q's
are exempt if they are considered movable or not
permanently attached.  

Some owners prefer to let the designer and landscaper have complete oversight in order to control costs, the project
cohesiveness, and overall elemental look.  This can achieve best results  when working from a very well thought-out

Other owners wish more control over the project as it progresses -and this can be a good way to go, however it can be
the more expensive way to achieve results due to revisions, and once in contract, change orders may occur that can be
quite costly.    Plan re-designs take time and may cause delays, especially once the project is underway.

A good plan and sufficient consultation before the projects starts, with periodic production meetings work to prevent
mis-perception by either the owner or the contractor.    Be sure and ask plenty of questions if you are not sure about
something or you do visualize what your contractor and designer are trying to accomplish.  But don't wait until the
work starts, and something has to be undone -that is costly to both the customer and the contractor.

It is best to agree on some form of picture, existing object, or a good design in order to avoid differences in the concept
by either the designer or the owner, especially once construction begins.  During long projects,  there inevitably will be
something that you may question, or did not think of as it being built in a certain way.  This happens, because no two
minds see alike, even with the best plans and contract descriptions.  Therefore, we can work to resolve any potential
misunderstanding by first discussing what may concern us in the areas of safety requirements, building codes, good
quality construction, and change orders.  

Once informed, you may be able to address your concerns and made inexpensive adjustments without increasing
project costs beyond your budget.  Once we understand each other's perspective, we can successfully address that part
of the project and continue to build.    Compromise and change is possible, and we will advise the customer

Remember, we genuinely have your best interest in mind, and want to build the best landscape you can afford.  The
quality of the work, and success of the project can be shared by both the owner and the design/landscape team.
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Contractor #915428