Designs by Reflection Landscapes
This project is a pool and
landscape in El Dorado Hills, CA

The excavation was in solid rock,
and while expensive, could very
well be the best foundation for a
pool on a hillside that you could
hope for.
The Masonry Wall on the raised bond beam, has 15  
water feature returns installed.
 Reflections Design
Reflection Landscapes Swimming Pool Projects               
This pool is 34 feet in length and
average 16 feet wide, with avg. depth of
4.5 ft., and as you can see, there is  a
considerable amount of excavated

The owner was able to use the spoils
on his property, but haul away is a
varying cost to transport to dump sites.
So be prepared for  mountains of
debris.  Often the dirt can be used
on-site for mounds

An average pool this size generates
approximately 40 to 50 yards of material
Because of the jagged nature in which
this rock splits and comes apart.

The pool also had to be slightly
over-excavated, which ultimately
assisted the plumbing contractor with
the main drains and solar return
A fine job of excavation in the most
difficult material to work,
performed by
Killinger's Excavation,
Orangevale, CA
Lic. #915428
You must have
both sub-surface
and surface
drainage systems
Carribean Shelf with beach pebble surface
Gunite installation by a very experienced crew from Sacramento Prestige Gunite
Amerdrain and Plumbing shown on back of raised bond beam
Three types of natural stone were used as wall veneer.  A
25% blend of water washed flat, and two types of Virgina
The pool plaster is Diamond Brite with a custom mixed color using a
geen-blue combination, and the waterline tile is 6" porcelain tile
The pool is designed
as a "Sport-type" pool
with two shallow ends,
each being 3.5' in
depth descending to 6'
of depth in the center.
Chief Pool Plastering
Gravel base applied toi fill in voids in  the rocky
bottom and provide good surface for the steel
installation crew

Every Swimming Pool Has Steel

Visit a dynamic swimming pool industry WebSite,
Advanced Pool Engineering, Lic. 53583
that has excellent information on steel reinforcement,  and other
important considerations before you build your pool.   
go to: The
is primarily designed for professionals interested in technical Information,
and updates on pool building, site conditions, and structural stability issues.

Some Homeowners may find the information perhaps too technical,
but do venture to have a look.   
Especially the Steel Schedule which will be an integral part of your pool project.
Please contact the Structural Engineer if you have technical questions